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Men are born with their own vulnerability. But unfortunately get negative influence by our destructive world.

All these talk about different norms in our world like masculinity- and macho culture. Prevents men to developing their own vulnerability and causes much men problems to handle themselves and their health. Something that we clearly can see if we look at mens social contexts.

Many men, don´t have close friends to talk emotionally things with. Which raises the possibility of support when they may needed. But also the possibility to have the right tool and vocabulary to emphasize their own mental health.

Violence and destructive is two wrong tools that many men uses today. Just because they feel alone, misunderstood and deceived by our norms and our society.

They are afraid to talk about how they feel inside. Only because they don´t know if anyone is going to listen to them. Because men don´t get the power to show vulnerability.

Men may have the power to drowsy their mental feelings in alcohol, get in to fights and being generally messy. Things that the society calls illegal act. But sometimes this things are preformed only as a cry for help. Where men feel deceived by their own enviroment.

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We have to stop all of these masculinity- and macho culture. We have to give all men the support and help they need to develop the vulnerability.


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